Changing successfully in Transformative Times

This workshop can be conducted face-to-face or virtually

Organisations use this workshop to:

  • Create Change Leaders and Agents – equip people who need to implement change projects to respond effectively to change – whether caused by external factors or changes being made internally within the organization
  • Make teams Adapt-able – Understand the 4 different change styles that are needed in every team
  • Communicate to Motivate –participants are expected to not only stay resilient and achieve success for themselves, but to also guide their teams to success. To communicate in ways that motivate the team and create a positive culture

Why YOU need this workshop:

  • External factors or disruptive changes are creating an environment of uncertainty and stress and you would like yourself and your team to ADAPT 
  • Understand your own Change style and work to your strengths – become aware of your own strengths and challenges and the impact that they have on your Adapt-ability
  • Increase Agility and Resilience – build your ability to bounce back from setbacks and take a new direction. Create an Action plan for yourself and your team to adapt to the change.

Programme Brief:

This workshop is targeted at Management and employees of organisations that are facing change to equip them with skills to be Adapt-able i.e. to survive and thrive in times of change. Whether the change is caused by external factors like changes in technology, competition, rules and regulations, or changes being made internally like mergers and acquisitions, changes in strategic direction, changes to processes or even restructuring.

In order to successfully implement a change, they need to understand the context of Change, their own and others Change Styles and most importantly, how to address the People side of Change.

Forty years of research have proven that 70% of all major change efforts in organizations FAIL because they do not address the People Side of Change. What creates or suppresses an organisations ability to change is the ability of its people to change – to be Adapt-able.

This programme is designed to focus on both:

  • Self – Build an individual’s own Adapt-ability so that they can understand and be resilient in times of change
  • Team – Build the ability to be Change Leaders (not necessarily tied to a leadership position) –  Understand how to position the change and to communicate and motivate each other within their teams  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the ‘Backstory of Change’ – how our mindset impacts our Adapt-ability and change response.
  • Learn your own Change Styles – using the DISC profile to build understanding on how each style behaves in times of change
  • Communicate to Motivate – Learn how to adapt your communication so that you can make your change important to others and motivate them to contribute
  • Optional Module (add half-day) – Learn tools and practices to build Positivity and Resilience to change. Create a positive culture within the organization, enabling your people to respond to change in better and more effective ways

Programme Outline:

Please note that this outline is for a 1-day or 2 half-day program. This can also be delivered as a 2-day or 4 half-day program with additional content and Practice sessions.

    • Pre-workparticipants will be expected to complete their DISC profiles before they come into the workshop
      • If recent (within the last 12 months) DISC profiles of all participants are available, then these can be used as well.
  • Workshop delivery
      • This workshop is delivered as two 4 hour virtual workshops
        • Can be done on consecutive days, if preferred
        • Each Day would comprise of 2 sessions with a Stretch breaks
  • Post-work
    • 3 week email follow-up
    • Optional (to be priced separately) – we can provide all or some of the following:
      • 30 mins 1-on-1 Coaching between Day 1 and Day 2 – to help participants tighten the structure of their presentations
      • 1-on-1 Coaching – no. of sessions can be decided
      • Group Coaching – no. of sessions can be decided
      • 1 hour Q&A webinar followup
  • Need for Change in today’s fast paced world
  • Challenges of Change
  • How Adapt-able are we now?

The TFA model – The Think-Feel-Act model is a simple and powerful model to illustrate the way our mind works when confronted by change. The model explains how we take information and data from the outside environment and process it so that it affects our thoughts, feelings and actions.

  • Understanding the 4 different Change Styles using the DISC profile
  • The Myth of ‘Resistance to Change’
  • Identifying idea / projects where change is needed 
  • Exploring the concept of Sense of Urgency
  • Identifying Consequences & Opportunities

Getting everyone on Board and moving in the same direction – by being Adaptable in the way you Communicate




  • Taking Responsibility and changing our RESPONSE-ABILITY
  • Choosing Positivity
    • Understanding your ‘Why’ for positivity
  • Learn a selection of the most popular and useful “assumptions” held by successful adaptors.
    • Clarify and Discuss
    • Stories of how they have been applied
  • Experience first-hand how a shift in mind-set can lead to a shift in FEELINGS therefore BEHAVIOUR and finally RESULTS
  • Learn how to make more empowered choices and focus building and maintaining positive relationships
  • What to DO when there are difficult situations or difficult people to handle
    • How to Reset Your Thoughts and Emotions easily and quickly AFTER facing a set-back

Workshop materials

All participants will receive:

  • DISC profiles
  • Copies of key slides and notes (post-workshop)

Workshop size:

  • Ideal Workshop size: 
    • Maximum 16 pax
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