The Skilled Trainer

Train the Trainer

This workshop can be conducted face-to-face or virtually

Organisations use The Skilled Trainer to:

  • Equip Internal Trainers and Subject Matter experts to share their content in an engaging and memorable way
  • Build PRESENCE for their frequently invited speakers and presenters
  • Ensure effective transfer of knowledge and skills within the organization

Why YOU need this workshop:

  • Your need to DESIGN and DELIVER training workshops – of varying durations – on your area of expertise
  • You need to know HOW TO keep your participants ENGAGED and INTERESTED in your training from beginning to end
  • You are presenting TECHNICAL training or topics typically seen as ‘boring’ and you want to make it interesting for your audience
  • To build your CONFIDENCE in ensuring effective training sessions

Programme Brief:

This course is designed for Subject Matter Experts who need to develop the training skills and confidence to train their colleagues. Participants will learn skills to create a plan for their session and to develop effective and engaging presentations with an understanding of the various types of communication and learning styles. Participants also have the opportunity to deliver a “live” training session and receive feedback from the group.

This training would be delivered on 2 Levels:

  1. Training workshop – as participants of the workshop, SMEs will learn the content of the workshop i.e. how to design, develop and deliver a training
  2. Observation – all the principles being taught in the workshop will also be used by the trainers while delivering it. Participants will be expected to observe and mirror back their observations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Structure a training workshop – whether for process or product training
  • Design the training materials needed for the workshop – including slides, handouts and job-aids
  • Present course material in an engaging way, capturing the interest of their trainees by using non-verbal communication skills such as voice, gestures, eye contact and posture.
  • Manage ‘difficult’ participants by using facilitation skills and steps that include Q&A preparation, personal state management and framing.
  • Be confident and comfortable while addressing their audiences.

Manage exercises and activities elegantly (minimising repetition and confusion)

Programme outline:

  • Presuppositions of a Trainer – what assumptions would be helpful as a trainer?
  • What is Training?
  • How Adults remember
  • Learning (Barriers) and how to overcome them
  • Confidence in your Role as a trainer
  • The 4 Communication and Learning Styles
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Kinesthetic (including Tactile)
    • Digital
  • How to address the preferences of ALL styles in your training
  • The ADDIE Model
  • Participant Profiles
  • Define Outcomes
    • for all stakeholders – participants, trainer and AIA
    • prioritise content
  • Structure your session – the 4MAT
  • Slides or Visual aids
  • Handouts
  • Job aids
  • Hook them in – create an attention grabber
    • Storytelling
  • Interactive Techniques
    • Ice-breakers
    • Games
    • Group Discussions
    • Debates
    • Case Studies / Role plays
    • Activities for Practice
    • Problem solving
  • Reflection & Debrief tips

Verbal & Non-verbal skills

  • Voice
  • Gestures
  • Eye-contact
  • Posture

Participants will practice these skills while delivering their own content and receive individual feedback and suggestions for improvement from their peers.

  • Types of Disruptive Learners
  • Techniques to respectfully handle each type
  • Preparing for Questions
  • Bridging
  • Assertive techniques for answering
  • Techniques for building calmness and confidence while facing an audience

Each individual participant will deliver a 15 min live training. This will be video-recorded and they will be given in-depth feedback about what was done well and what could be improved. A copy of the recording will be given to the participant for their own viewing along with a guide for viewing and critiquing themselves.

  • 15 min video-taped session conducted by each participant
  • Feedback

Who should attend:

  • Current or aspiring trainers, Subject Matter Experts, Managers, Team leaders and HR professionals.


  • This workshop is run over 3 full days.
  • This workshop has been designed for a max group size of 20 pax

Workshop materials

  • Manual of all slides shown + Interesting related articles
  • THE SKILLED TRAINER TEMPLATE™ – to organise and structure presentations
  • Feedback Forms
    • These forms will provide each individual participant with structured feedback on multiple aspects of their presentations.
  • Video Clips of Before & After

Pre & Post Workshop (Optional)

  • Pre and Post workshop questionnaire for both participant and their managers to use to ensure KEY AREAS for improvement are identified then monitored for progress.
  • 3 week Follow-up via Email support that will include POINTERS on presenting with Video Clips of good to great presentations.
  • Followup 1-on-1 coaching and feedback
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