Rethink Reset Results™

Positive Transformation for Purpose-full engagement

This workshop can be conducted face-to-face or virtually

Organisations use RRR to:

  • Build a more engaged workforce – increase engagement and motivation across the organization
  • Build adaptability and agility – skill people with the ability to bounce back from setbacks and take a new direction – Necessary during times of transition and disruption.
  • Reduce silo-thinking and disengaged behaviours at work which affect business results. Create a team more willing to go above and beyond

Why YOU need this workshop:

  • You are or your team is feeling overwhelmed, stressed or ‘stuck’ at work – you notice pessimism and you want to change the negative narrative to a positive, energized theme
  • Build a Positive Mindset – create an optimistic attitude that allows you to see more options, produce better results and reach higher levels of performance
  • Build Positive Behaviours and habits – Know what ‘To Do’ to be more positive,with the tools and techniques to manage your own and your team’s emotions and mindset
  • Overcome Failure – be able to cope with failures and set-backs in the course of your work

Programme Brief:

POSITIVE environments are PERFORMANCE ENHANCERS. By creating a positive culture in your organisation and helping employees create a positive mindset the organisation gains a huge COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Happy employees are MORE CREATIVE, more productive, less fatigued and more engaged. In contrast, negativity affects productivity, creates stress and lowers creativity – and your company has a serious problem.

According to the Mercer 2018 Singapore Employee Engagement Index, employee engagement for Singapore is at 72%, which is one of the lowest in the Asia Pacific region. Improving employee engagement represents a significant opportunity for growth for individuals, teams and organizations. Positivity can be learned. Investing in your employees’ happiness is an investment in growth of the organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of Positivity for yourself and the organization.
  • Learn a process for creating clear, positive and compelling goals or outcomes – build the ability to calibrate and create new directions
  • Learn tools and techniquest to RESET difficult situations and people – build the resilience to bounce back from setbacks and manage your own emotions and mindset
  • Learn Practices for building positivity for yourself and your team to LIVE ABOVE THE LINE

Programme Outline:

  • Bring awareness to the participants on how their thoughts and emotions create their results.
  • Data and evidence of impact of negativity on productivity and business.
  • Learn to ‘Reset’ negativity
  • Taking Responsibility and changing our RESPONSE-ABILITY
    • Move away from the blame, shame and justify
    • Take Responsibility and Instill Accountability

Resetting our THOUGHTS

  • Bring awareness on how external factors and events impact choices.
    • Tool #1 – Adopting useful Presuppositions (ASSUMPTIONS) – Useful guiding Principles that helps us to be agile with mental resilience
    • Tool #2 Words have Power – learn words to omit to stay mentally and emotionally positive
      • “RESET” words to stay positive
  • Learn how to make more empowered choices and focus building and maintaining positive relationships
  • What to DO when there are difficult situations or difficult people to handle
    • Tool #3 – How to Reset Your Thoughts and Emotions easily and quickly AFTER a negative encounter
      • T-F-A Tool
    • Tool #4 – Using Perceptual Positions – For situations where issues and emotions have not been resolved that need a fresh perspective and new IDEAS for solutions
  • The ZERO DOUBT philosophy
  • What about REALITY?
    • What do we do when the news on the NEWS is negative?
    • What about when markets are down? The ECONOMY is in trouble? And the COMPETITION getting stiffer?


  • Creating Positive Social Scripts (Shawn Achor “Happiness Advantage”)
    • Tool #1: What you SAY and What you DO Matters – ZAP and SAP
  • Falling UP (Shawn Achor “Happiness Advantage”)
    • Tool#2: How we THINK and FEEL matter
  • Appreciation and Acknowledgement
  • Learn to use the Clarity Through Contrast tool for a VISION of WHAT is our IDEAL Target/Goal for HEALTHIER, BETTER, LONGER Lives
  • Maintaining Positivity to build better personal and professional relationships
    • Good for US…Good for the ORGANISATION – Examples shared from around the world
    • Celebrations
    • Pre-SEEDing
    • Making a Difference
  • Create a Personal Action Plan with focus on a current initiative or project and apply the principles learnt.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone in a LEADERSHIP role (Senior Managers, Managers, Leaders, Supervisors) who needs to build a positive culture
  • Professionals at all levels within the organisation


  • This workshop is run over 2 full days.
    • 1-day version can be conducted with reduced course content and an extended day (9.00a.m. to 6.00p.m.)
  • Ideal Workshop size: 15-20 pax

Workshop materials

All participants will receive:

  • Workshop Manual
  • Reset button
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Action plan

Pre & Post Workshop (Optional)

  • Pre and Post workshop questionnaire for both participant and their managers to use to ensure KEY AREAS for improvement are identified then monitored for progress
  • 3 week Follow-up via Email support that will include POINTERS on presenting with Video Clips of good to great presentations.
  • Followup 1-on-1 coaching and feedback
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