The Happiness Advantage: Orange Frog

Leading Positive Results

This workshop can be conducted face-to-face or virtually

Organisations use The Orange Frog workshop to:

  • Build a Culture of Positivity to unlock The Happiness Advantage – companies with this advantage have higher sales, higher productivity, better job performance ratings and a better bottom line
  • Build a more engaged workforce – increase engagement and motivation across the organization
  • Address negativity, silo-thinking and disengaged behaviour within the organisation by creating project and work routines that incorporate the 7 Happiness Advantage Principles

Why YOU need this workshop:

  • You or your team is feeling overwhelmed, stressed or ‘stuck’ at work – you notice pessimism and you want to change the negative narrative to a positive, energized theme
  • Increase your own and your team’s Happiness – as individuals and teams are happier, they work better together and produce stronger results
  • Build Social Support – as individuals, support within the organisation can be crucial to growth
  • Increase Resilience and Agility – respond to changes and disruptions faster

Programme Brief:

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is Uncertainty and Constant Change. Change and Uncertainty create discomfort and leads to low morale and engagement. People feel insecure and start working in silos. And companies with low engagement also find it more difficult to hire and retain the right talent.

The single greatest advantage in the modern economy is a happy and engaged workforce.

When Gallup’s global workplace report reveals that only 13% of employees are “actively engaged” at work (this figure is even lower for Singapore – only 9%!) and the vast majority of employees (63% worldwide and 76% in Singapore) are ‘not engaged’ i.e. they are not emotionally connected to their workplace and therefore are less likely to invest in organizational goals or outcomes. And engagement is a function of employee happiness. Companies need ‘The Happiness Advantage’. A decade of research proves that happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome

  • 37% greater sales
  • 3X more creative
  • 31% more productive
  • 40% more likely to receive a promotion
  • 23% fewer fatigue symptoms

Applying the latest research-based techniques from the field of positive psychology; individuals learn the practices of resilient leaders, they become more positive and adaptable and develop a capacity to “see” more opportunities, leading to better results. The Happiness Advantage | Orange Frog workshop provides a blueprint for increasing employee engagement and tapping into people’s intrinsic motivations.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased Individual Positivity (Self Leadership):
    • Begin a personal transformation towards a more positive mindset and more productive and adaptable work life.
  • Sustained Team Happiness and Adaptability (Team Leadership):
    • Make happiness an integral part of the work environment by embedding specific practices into existing work routines.
  • Increased Happiness and Engagement across the Organization (Culture Shaping)
    • Promote happiness and engagement by learning to identify and amplify critical social scripts and connect positive engagement to positive business results.

Programme Outline:

  • Understand the latest research on positive psychology and its impact on peak performance
  • Recognize the driving / restraining forces (behaviours) and key factors required to achieve higher fulfillment and performance
  • Comprehend Shawn Achor’s 7 principles that fuel success and performance at work
    • The Happiness Advantage
    • Fulcrum & Lever
    • Tetris Effect
    • Falling Up
    • The Zorro Circle
    • The 20-second rule
    • Social Investment
  • Learn to apply each of the 7 principles at work
  • Understand the power of Social Scripts and Learn how to reframe or rewrite them to be more empowering
  • Create a road map (action plan) for the future – using positive performance principles to individual experience as well as the organization’s future
  • Describe the Ripple effect of positivity on teamwork
  • Learn to Create a roadmap for Change for a team

Who should attend:

  • Anyone in a LEADERSHIP role (Senior Managers, Managers, Leaders, Supervisors) who needs to create a positive culture in their team and organisation
  • Professionals at all levels


  • This workshop is run over 2 full days.
    • 1-day version can be conducted with reduced course content and an extended day (9.00a.m. to 6.00p.m.)
  • Ideal Workshop size: 15-20 pax

Franchised Workshop materials

All participants will receive:

  • Their own copy of the book ‘Orange Frog’.
  • OriginalParticipant Workbook from ITLN
  • Original Participant Toolkit from ITLN
  • Action plan
  • A surprise gift

Pre & Post Workshop (optional)

All participants will need to complete pre-work. This should take between 20-30 mins.

Post-workshop, participants will receive 3-weeks of Email support through followup emails that will include pointers on how to apply the TOOLS learnt for continued application in the real world

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