Communicate for Change

What does it mean to Communicate for Change?

Three Key Result Areas organisations need to focus on would be the following:

Any disruption causes emotional reactions and stress. This stress can be reduced greatly when your people are clear:

  • About the vision and direction of the organization or team goals
  • About the impact the change will have on them
  • About the plan of action and next steps
  • About ideas, challenges and decisions that come up during the implementation

Skills needed:

  • Ability to get to CLEAR THINKING
  • Ability to Structure Your Message CLEARLY, SIMPLY & LOGICALLY

Ability for your target audience to understand and relate to your message

In times of change, a challenge faced by most leaders is getting the buy-in for new directions or new ways of working.

At an individual and team level, ideas often have to be justified, defended and ‘sold’ in order for action to be taken.

Skills needed:

  • Deliver the Message in an Engaging and Convincing manner

Address the ‘Why’, ‘Why now?’ and ‘Why we will succeed?’

Beautifully crafted messages which are artfully delivered, will not guarantee the acceptance or adoption of any change. For guaranteed success, there needs to be relationship credibility and Trust.

Skills needed:

  • Ability to Build Rapport
  • Understand the many styles and different perceptions of any diverse team and be flexible in the way you communicate
  • Appreciation and Acknowledgement
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