EQ @ Work

Emotional Intelligence APPLIED

This workshop can be conducted face-to-face or virtually

Organisations use EQ @ Work to:

  • Groom Better Leaders – EQ is a key differentiator that has managers and leaders being able to communicate effectively and create productive working relationships with their team members
  • Increase Job satisfaction and Engagement – employees with higher EQ tend to have more job satisfaction and be more engaged at work
  • Talent Retention – employees are able to build strong internal relationships and develop their full potential and that of their team. They are much more likely to stay

Why YOU need this workshop:

  • Build your emotional stability – be able to positively manage and control your emotions and tolerate stress
  • Increase your personal well-being and health – which leads to you being more productive and happier at work
  • Build strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust that support you personally and professionally
  • Make better decisions by balancing emotions and logic
  • Deal with negative situations and people more effectively

Programme Brief:

EQ is now widely regarded as the key differentiator that has new managers,  leaders, anyone actually, being able to communicate effectively, create productive working relationships with their team members, and generally contribute to people becoming the type of “boss” we all want to work for or a team member we all want on our side.  For leaders, having emotional intelligence is essential for success.

As stress levels rise in the increasingly volatile and complex business environment – bringing in lots of changes and disruptions to cope with – emotional intelligence is also a key skill that anyone needs to have in order to cope with and respond to the changes. Emotionally intelligent people are able to build better relationships, maintain better health and tend to have more job satisfaction and motivation. They also tend to out-perform their peers.

Fortunately, Emotional Intelligence can be learned.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To build on current strengths by enhancing the emotional quotient at the workplace
  • To foster Healthier Internal and External relationships
    • The workshop is very practical and incorporates tools and techniques that participants can utilize to build their EQ and this WILL have an impact on their relationships.
  • Strengthening Teams
    • Enable MANAGERS to work better while they are leading a team. They are able to exercise optimism and create intrinsic motivation.
    • Create a healthier and more positive team environment
    • Unlock the power and potential of each individual team member and the team as a whole.
  • Strengthening Leadership

Programme Outline:

Objective: To allow participants time to find out about EQ

  • Reporting EQ – Activity
  • Trainer Presentation on the Research and Science behind EQ

Objective: To clearly assess the ‘what’ – when you know yourself, you know your strengths and challenges, you know what you are doing, what you want and what to change

  • Self Awareness
    • Learning to recognize and name emotions
  • Human Tangle – An activity to start noticing your choice patterns and emotional intelligence
  • Increase Emotional Literacy
    • The Wisdom and Power of feelings
    • Plutchik Model of Emotions

Objective: Move from being reactive to proactive. Instead of reacting ‘on autopilot’, building these competencies allow you to proactively respond.

  • Navigate Emotions – Transforming emotions into a strategic resource
  • Apply Consequential Thinking – Analyse the costs and benefits of choice
    • Video Camera Exercise
      • Analyze the costs and benefits of your choices
    • The T-F-A tool ( Think – Feel – Act)
  • Engage Intrinsic Motivation
    • Feeling Faces – Activity
    • Video Clip – Bobby Fischer
  • Exercise Optimism
    • Personal Adversity
    • Three Secrets of Optimism

Objective: These competencies help you put your vision and mission into action to you lead a purpose driven life, with integrity.

  • Increase empathy
  • Pursue Noble Goals
  • TOOLS for PURPOSE Setting

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Who should attend:

  • Anyone in a LEADERSHIP role (Senior Managers, Managers, Leaders, Supervisors) who needs to build a positive culture
  • Professionals at all levels within the organisation


  • This workshop is run over 2 full days.
    • 1-day version can be conducted with reduced course content and an extended day (9.00a.m. to 6.00p.m.)
  • Ideal Workshop size: 15-20 pax

Workshop materials

All participants will receive:

  • Workshop Manual
  • Reset button
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Action plan

Pre & Post Workshop (Optional)

  • Pre and Post workshop questionnaire for both participant and their managers to use to ensure KEY AREAS for improvement are identified then monitored for progress.
  • 3 week Follow-up via Email support that will include POINTERS on presenting with Video Clips of good to great presentations.
  • Follow-up 1-on-1 coaching and feedback

Optional EQ Profiles

We are certified to bring to you individual EQ profiles (investment varies according to the profile decided on).  Your choices are:

  • 6Seconds
  • EQi2.0
  • The FloProfiler
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