Goal and Results based Coaching for Individuals and Groups

Why hire a Coach:

According to an ICF and HCI study, 60% of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures report their revenue to be above average, compared to their peer group. Coaching is a powerful arrangement that has an impact even on an organization’s financial performance.

In a coaching engagement, an individual or group works with a professional certified coach who facilitates them in achieving their own goals and/or solving their own issues. Through virtual, telephonic or in-person sessions, a coach helps executives develop the skills, behaviours and attitudes they need and think through and tackle their own problems. The ultimate goal of coaching is self-reliance. Coaching assists your people to unlock more of their potential and get better results.

Modes of Coaching:

  • Individual Coaching – one-to-one coaching fully customised to an individual’s situation and need.
  • Group Coaching – where a group (of upto 6 individuals) has a common or similar needs that they are willing to share and work with in a group.
  • Post-Workshop Coaching – follow-up coaching from any of our workshops to help the coachees fully absorb and utilized the skills and tools taught. This could be either individual or group coaching.
  • Coaching Clinics – we also offer coaching clinics for organisations willing to consider in-house coaching as a long-term benefit for their people

The Change Business offers:

  • Executive coaching – goal or issue-based coaching. This could be an outcome of a specific need identified during talent reviews, high potential planning or succession planning.  Coaching could be used to:
    • Develop high potential employees
    • Set and exceed challenging performance goals
    • Seek an improvement in specific skills, such as communication, delegation, or emotional intelligence
    • Transition into a new role
    • Develop a succession plan
    • Have an independent, unbiased sounding board


  • Presentation Skills coaching – results based coaching on achieving the objectives of a presenter. This could be from feedback garnered of current results of success in sales, getting ideas across or to prepare for a high stakes presentation.  Coaching can be used to assist the coachee
    • Be more structured and organised
    • Be able to analyse the audience needs and wants
    • Be clear on their (the presenter’s) own objectives
    • Be able to answer tough and unexpected questions during and after the presentation
    • Build presence
    • Be engaging and memorable
    • Be able to get the final desired results at the end of the presentation
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